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Michigan Open Carry Law – is wrong…
The Second Amendment does not guarantee that every citizen can carry a gun – this Amendment was written in the 1791, which is 220 years ago, when war weary American’s were afraid of the British, French, Canadians, Germans, Native Americans.  At that time,  there was no United States Army, no organized militias, no state police and no local police.  You had to protect your family and home by yourself, by any means necessary, it was a dangerous time.

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Dear Rina,
You were a darling to speak to us Allen Seniors at “the drop of a hat”! 

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Thirty city residents, employees and elected officials gathered today (5/14/11) to learn how recent decisions by the governor’s office could impact the Lansing City budget.

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My name is Millie and I’m a regular reader of

I’d like to thank you for the excellent information I’ve found on; it’s always a great pleasure to read your articles and I have subsequently become a loyal reader.

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Dear TNCP,

I’m a father, retired business owner and a military veteran (Army, infantry, Viet Nam).  As I reflect on this tax season, I marvel at how well the elites have convinced us that they, the upper 5%, have the absolute right to rule our country.   It reminds me of the feudalism that controlled Europe for 600 years.

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Before even trying to tackle a $15 to $20 million deficit based on Mayor Bernero’s worst-case scenarios, City Hall decided to use fear mongering and extortion to scare voters into passing an outrageous 26% to 31% tax hike and Headlee override as property values plummeted by an average of more than 10% this year.

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Dear Mrs. Risper,

I recently volunteered at a fundraiser held at Woldumar Nature Center’s – “Chili” Winter Evening event. I was one of the lucky students from Eastern High School students in the National Honor Society that got to volunteer. I am a senior.

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Dear TNCP,

My name is Todd A. Heywood. I am a journalist based in Lansing, MI. In the course of my career I have covered many issues revolving around HIV — from criminalization, to disclosure to epidemiology and new discoveries in medicine and science. I am also openly HIV-positive.

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Dr. Carol Slomski thanks TNCP for contributing to the “It’s a Breast Thing 2010”. Arnold Stieber expresses his opinion on the violence and war. Georiga K. appreciates the movie passes.

Do you have an opinion? Your letters 9-5

 After a theft, Meijer manager, Kevin D’Hondt, at Meijer located at the S. Pennsylvania store comes to the rescue.


March 28, 2010 – April 10, 2010 edition