Mayo Clinic – Mask recommendations continue, even with vaccines becoming available

By Mayo Clinic Staff, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: With the news of the COVID-19 vaccine being available, I know there are also recommendations to still wear masks and continue with safety measures. But, honestly, I'm confused by what mask to wear and when. Can you share some more information on masks, how they work and what is appropriate?

Innocent Man Who Spent 37 Years in Prison Now Free After Witness Admits to Lying

DETROIT, MI —  Walter Forbes, an African American man who was wrongfully convicted and had served 37 years of his life sentence, is now finally free following the confession of the star witness, Annice Kennebrew. She has admitted to lying in her previous testimony.

Lighting Up Lansing – One Smile at a Time 20-5

Chandler McClure took the book “She Persisted’’ by Chelsea Clinton to school to share with her classmates. Read more…


Unconditional love does not mean unconditional tolerance for nonsense

By Landis Lain

It is the most powerful word we abhor. The word hurts people’s feelings and kills friendships; makes us feel like children. We hate it. Two letters.


Fast, easy and incredibly flavorful? This recipe has it covered

By America's Test Kitchen

There are several steps you can take to elevate lean chicken breasts for a weeknight meal. We started with a bold citrus vinaigrette. For an intense hit of citrus flavor, we used lemon juice enhanced with both lemon and orange zest. Then, pounding the chicken breasts to an even thickness ensured that they cooked at the same rate and stayed juicy.

Lighting Up Lansing – One Smile at a Time

Siblings Isaac Hodge (11 years old) and Charlotte Gailliard (3 years old) are making the most of spending time together during the pandemic. 

Exploring Burchfield Park’s Winter Activities

Donald and Hope Lovell enjoy cross country skiing, tubing and sledding at Burchfield Park in Holt, MI with their four children.

Courtesy photo

Lansing Native and Husband Hope to Bridge Hip Hop’s Generational Gap With Their Show

LANSING, MI – Lansing native, Markia Bonner (30) and husband Arturo Royster (34), creators of the YouTube Hip Hop show, “Ya Dig?”, have the goal of teaching Hip Hop history to the youth and even Hip Hop aficionados, in an effort to preserve the history and highlight its impact on the global community.

Pet World: Adopter says she was told her dog ‘did not bark’

By Cathy M. Rosenthal

Dear Cathy,

I adopted a 10-year-old Chihuahua mix earlier this year. I was told she “did not bark.” When she first arrived, she did not bark very much, but now she doesn't stop. We live on a somewhat busy street. She barks at everything and everyone. I have tried using noise spray cans, telling her to be quiet, shaking cans of coins and anti-bark machines. I had the opportunity to move into a senior housing complex but refused because one of their rules is no barking dogs.

The Plant Professionals: Praying for a new plant that will light up a special location?

The Marantaceae are a family of plants often referred to as ‘prayer-plants’. Interestingly, these plants move throughout a 24-hour period, with the leaves rising in the evening and lowering during the day. Resembling prayer hands, they were so aptly named for their expression of foliage folding together at night.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska