Meet a Lawyer Who is Representing the Alabama Pastor Who Was Wrongfully Arrested

Bethaney Embry Jones

Bethaney Embry Jones

Nationwide — Atlanta-based attorney Bethaney Embry Jones is one of the lawyers representing Alabama pastor Michael Jennings after he was wrongfully arrested by Childersburg police.

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Car Shows Are a Great Way to Spend Time with the Family

Custom Painted

Custom-painted car at a recent car show.
TNCP Photo

By Deborah M. Walker

LANSING, MI — Summertime is the perfect opportunity for car lovers everywhere to get out and show off their beautiful automobiles.

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Peace, Love, and Light


By Jazmine Heggins

“Peace, Love, and Light”, a phrase that is often said within the spiritual and yoga community. This usually can be used as a greeting, say see you next time,

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Most Interesting & Influential 2011

  LANSING, MI —  Every year The New Citizens Press identifies select individuals in the  community who have made an impact. We hope that you enjoy reading about our honorees this year.  If you have any suggestions for 2012 please contact us.

2010 Most Influential & Interesting

During the entire year prior to this edition, we are looking  for people who are doing great things in our community.  They may or may not be on your radar but to The New Citizens Press they provide value to our community.  We also realize that there are others who you think belong in “The Most Influential and Interesting” column.  We are willing to consider anyone regardless of race, affiliations, education or socioeconomic background.

2010 Most Influential & Interesting: Willye Bryan

Willye Bryan, Research Technician with the Department of Entomology, Pesticide Alternatives Laboratory, Michigan State University and President of The Lansing Area African American Genealogy Society (LAAAGS)