Mary Sanchez: Attention paid to Petito case proves not much has changed

By Mary Sanchez “If LaToyia Figueroa was a pretty white woman, would you know her name? Would you know her beautiful mixed-race face, her cafe au lait skin, the cheery smile of her photo,

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Local Woman Takes on Hollywood

“Amanda Brewer (third from the right) currently works as an assistant on the “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” show starring Jamie Foxx (third from the left.)

Travel Goals After the Pandemic: Couple to Open RV Resort in Alabama

Time Away RV Resort Contact information:

Nathan and Alicia Lawson
160 Summer Dale Lane Lincoln, Alabama 35096

[email protected]
Facebook -  Time Away RV Resort

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Your newborn and their Social Security number

Photo by Tubarones Photography

By Vonda Van Til, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

Getting your newborn a Social Security number is important for their future.  If your child is born in a hospital, the easiest way to apply for a Social Security number is right at the hospital. 

Travel Goals After the Pandemic: Visiting Europe’s great libraries

Some books at Oxford University's Bodleian Library date back to medieval times. Photo by Cameron Hewitt.

‘Jeopardy!’: Who Could Possibly Replace Alex Trebek?

  Legendary “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek has died at the age of 80.

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Tou Vue was a tiny infant when his parents fled Laos as communist forces enacted revenge on the Hmong for supporting American troops. Now he’s a network engineer for the Lansing School District, running for Waverly Community School Board and raising a family.  Photo by Roxanne Firth

Story by Ruelaine Stokes 

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Just Plain Selfish: Are You Self-Sabotaging?

 By Kris Walker

Self sabotaging is simply put, as standing in the way of your own happiness, success or growth. While common practices such as procrastinating, over indulging behaviors, self- doubt and fear are often mentioned, in this digital era where we seemingly look towards the internet and Influencers for today's standards, I think that Social Media definitely deserves an honorable mention on our Self-Sabotaging list. Listed below are a few ways that overuse or misuse of Social Media can stand in the way of your greatness.

Couple Fights COVID-19 Together























Ron and Bethany Holloway, former Lansing residents, now living in Minneapolis, MN, fight the novel Coronavirus together.  

They have been married for 24 years.
Photo courtesy of the Holloway Family