Mary Sanchez: Attention paid to Petito case proves not much has changed

By Mary Sanchez “If LaToyia Figueroa was a pretty white woman, would you know her name? Would you know her beautiful mixed-race face, her cafe au lait skin, the cheery smile of her photo,

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Just Plain Selfish: The Audacity of Color

  By Kris Walker

Tough times have been said to reveal a person's true character. A person can paint a pretty picture of themselves using vivid or even pastel colors. Words, attire and demeanor make it easy to portray a perfectly polished image. The persona and posture however, must be able to be maintained and withstand the pressures of societal life. 

An apple lover’s apple crumble that highlights its fresh fruit flavor (and doesn’t bury it in sugar)


By America’s Test Kitchen

Some apple crumbles bury the fruit in sugar and streusel so that by the time you add a scoop of ice cream, you've lost the fruit's tangy freshness. It's the equivalent of heating really good olive oil so that it loses its grassy bite or cooking thick, well-marbled steak until the center goes gray.

Jill on Money: Don’t let sense of confidence derail investing


By Jill Schlesinger
Dow 27K! S&P 500 3K! NASDAQ 8200! Just months after the bull market in stocks became the longest on record, U.S. equity indexes hit new milestones. Fears about the escalation of trade wars, Brexit, and worries about Congress' ability to raise the U.S. debt ceiling retreated, allowing stocks to power higher.

Excuse me, Are you Listening?: Hope and Faith


By Rina Risper
President & Publisher
Dear Readers,
There are plenty of things to experience in life.  You can be healthy and happy when you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.  People may have a very limited scope of what individuals should act like, move like, believe in or worship…  However, the reality is that we are different and deserve the opportunity to express ourselves.  As a journalist, I feel that I am often pulled into spaces, I do not necessarily agree on.

Jill on Money: Don’t shortchange your retirement by overspending

 By Jill Schlesinger

 So many of us focus on retirement saving that we can forget how difficult it is to actually spend the money in a smart and methodical way during retirement. 

Interpersonal Edge: Working with your spouse? Learn how to handle conflict


By Dr. Daneen Skube
Tribune Content Agency
Q: I work with my husband. A joint business sounded like a romantic idea, but the reality is we now fight all the time. The other downside is I never get time away from him. I've read in your column that you work with family businesses. What are the secrets to couples who work together without their marriage coming apart?



NAME:  Masaki Takahashi

BUSINESS:  Making Poetry Popular

POSITION:  Host of “The Poetry Room” at The Robin Theatre

PHOTO by Parios Kirby Photography

Sharing Security With Mom On Mother’s Day


By Vonda VanTil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

Spring is upon us, and it marks two very popular annual events: Mother’s Day and the release of Social Security’s baby name list! There’s no better time to share some security with the people you love.

MSU – Physics, Bees and Discrimination

How a physics class is changing student attitudes for the better

New discovery, more bees mark Michigan’s first, full bee census

Discrimination harms your health – and your partner’s