Do you have an opinion? 11-2

Dear TNCP,
I just read the January 29, 2012 – February 11, 2012 edition, it was a great read. I love the “Mother Flippin’: One Funny Mother – To the Students of Penn State” article. I really enjoyed the “Documentary on Slavery Spurs Racial Healing” article.   Thanks for the great job!
Michael Todd
Lansing, MI
Dear Ms. Risper,
Thank you so much for coming to visit our newspaper.  We worked on a Thanksgiving issue and completed a Halloween and School issue.  
Thank you as well for being so generous and giving us popcorn and oil and the movie passes.  We used the popcorn and movie passes for prizes during our Halloween Door Decorating Contest that we (the Journalism class) are sponsoring.  
We are now excited for our Spring Fling Dance!  Here is a copy of our first issue.  Hope you enjoy it!
The Journalism Class of 2011-12
Pleasant View Magnet School for Visual and Performing Arts
This was printed in the February 12, 2012 – February 25, 2012 Edition