Excuse me, are you listening? 11-1

Dear Readers,
I must be getting old.  I must be getting wiser.  Working with people in Lansing, I know I am getting smarter.
I am hoping that every single person that picks up the newspaper, will benefit from something that was read in it.
I love people.  Amazingly so not everyone does.  I did not say that I did not like the way some people are.  I said I love people.  I love them in all of their spaces.  While I may choose not to be around them, talk to them or do business with them, I still love them for just who they are.  I do not have a choice.
Besides, I need to keep it moving.  In this edition, The New  Citizens Press is celebrating our 11th year anniversary.  I am enjoying every second of doing what I do. 
This year is going to be more amazing than 2011.  We all have our resolutions, well I started my 2010 new year in October and my 2011 new year in October and I am moving right along with abundance and grace.  In 2012, please make the decision to do and do it. 
After many years of working for others, The New Citizens Press will be starting its own non-profit “The New Citizens Press Community Action Network”  (TNCP CAN).  We have donated countless hours, dollars and resources to other organizations and will continue to do so.  However, in 2012 there are two words that should be coupled with every volunteer   and they are “Accountability and Appreciation”.
The power of these two words are immeasurable when it comes to volunteerism and taking care of the people who take care of you.
Volunteerism is about doing the right things and making the right decisions about who you get involved with.  It you begin to volunteer and it does not fit in with you and what you believe in, move on.
Make a decision and empower yourself.  Empower yourself to help others through love and grace.  Some volunteer to be seen and others do it to genuinely be helpful.  
I cannot wait to do speaking engagements on volunteerism, I have the most interesting story to tell. But that is for another time.
I can appreciate life and what is abundant in it.  
Who wants to continually smell dead flowers?  Instead of cutting them, plant your  own seeds and watch them grow.  Instead of changing the water, provide your seeds with water and nourishment.  Cultivate your flowers as you would cultivate your relationships with determination of growth.  Indeed it does get kind of crazy at times weeding out what is going to try to choke out the new seedlings but whose life does not.  You did not get on this earth to live a miserable existence.  Live life abundantly, explore and do the most amazing thing ever and that is LIVE!
Love people,
Rina Risper
P.S.  We have decided to start a non-profit organization called The New Citizens Press Community Action Network (TNCP CAN).  I am excited about the opportunity to partner with individuals and other non-profits to make Lansing a better place.  We have been helping others for years and we are finally going to have all of our programs under one roof.
Anyone who knows African American families who have been in Lansing before 1940, give me a call.
I am still having a fundraiser in honor of my birthday. The proceeds will go towards the non-violence effort in Lansing.
https://bobbiecasler.scentsy.us/Home.  Click on “TEAM 517/ TNCP CAN”
This was printed in the January 29, 2012 – February 11, 2012 Edition