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Dear Readers, 
I am only assuming that I am not the only one who has a deep appreciation for the arts.
As I look back on my early education growing up in New York, I can always remember the painting projects, museum trips, dance classes and school plays that help shaped my future.
I remember being in the play “Oklahoma” and now I still know all the words to most of the songs.  It was not that I truly knew anything about the state of Oklahoma but that I had an opportunity to sing and dance in unison with my other classmates as our parents beamed in the bleachers.
I am a firm believer that art helped shape me in elementary school.  I was really good at molding clay.  I could not wait for the next class to see if my piece was to my teacher’s delight.  I remember her telling me how to paint and the smell of the room while trying to perfect my skill.   
Being featured during art shows boosted my social skills and taught me to be inspired, engaged and comfortable meeting new people.  I used those skills in my daily life.  I realize now that having creativity helps when it comes to entering the job world.
I am very blessed that my children have the opportunity to be involved with an art program at their school.  While their school does not have a kiln, they learn to knit and quilt.  The instructor is amazing and as you walk into the school the art work of the students proudly hangs on the walls.
Some schools seems far away from art. There will be no art to smile at, you know the construction paper, glitter and stick figured drawings of yesterday with a crude house, green Crayola grass, fluffy sky blue clouds and a sun with a smiling face.  
Something that your parent(s) had to laugh with you over the years like the clay ashtray or ice cream stick jewelry holder that you made. 
The best way to celebrate art despite not having a full art programs at school would be to explore other possibilities. My favorite hands on art studio is Haze Ceramics and More on  304 E Grand River Avenue in Lansing, MI located in Old Town.  I am amazed at how patient she is with her students both children and adults.  Rows of shelves full of possibilities only the mind can tell what the outcome will be.   
REACH Art Studio Art Center is also another way to allow students a creative outlet. 
One of the components of our nonprofit is the arts and literature.  
TNCP CAN Inc. is kicking off its first fundraising effort to continue supporting these fascinating programs. You have an opportunity to play a vital role in these initiatives by helping to provide the financial resources that are needed to continue this great work. We are asking that you consider being a part of our first ever 222 for $22 Campaign!   
We are looking for Two Hundred and Twenty Two people or more to give Twenty-two dollars or more to assist us with officially TNCP CAN, Inc. as a 501 (c) 3 organization to continue the great work that the local community has already been benefiting from. TNCP CAN Inc. will continue the tradition of operating with integrity and accountability. Every dollar raised will be utilized for charitable purposes. Our 501(c) 3 status is pending.
Please make contributions to TNCP CAN, Inc. and mail to: The New Citizens Press Community Action Network, Inc., 503 W. Grand River Ave., Lansing, Michigan 48906.
We would be so pleased if you would help us help others. 
We have also added our “Hands Across the City” fundraiser where you can get a hand print of a child on a plate for $10.00.  The glaze and paint will be included.  Please see our special invite  on page 5. The plates would make great gifts especially for Father’s Day.
Love people,
Rina Risper
Facebook Quote: “I am not trying to coach the universe, I am trying to live in it. Note that people will try to test your patience because they underestimate your intelligence. Be smart. You are worthy and amazing and that one or two persons who attempt to work in tandem, watch with caution and calmness. Being tenacious about putting science and history together makes you stronger. Love people…. hmmm they do say that love releases certain endorphines….. lol… and smile through it :)”
This was printed in the May 20, 2012 – June 2, 2012 Edition