Excuse me, are you listening? 12-12

Dear Readers,
Where does the time go?  Twelve years later, The New Citizens Press is still here.  We are different and providing the opportunity to get information out to the community and that is so important to us.  We still need to hear from you though.  We get the most interesting inquiries, telephone calls and visitors.  We appreciate any communication that we have with the public.  Every single day, I wish that I was perfect and did not make one mistake but that is a long shot for any business or individual.
My greatest achievement during this time is that I have three wonderful  children.  They grew up with me and the newspaper.  I have to look to the past to recognize the accomplishments that we have achieved together.
My children are so awesome.  My oldest, Gianni, works a local country club and has been on the honor roll at his college for several semesters.  To say that I am proud is an understatement.  It is always a long road while dealing with your children.  They have to grow up into adults and it is hard.  It was so difficult when Gianni first left.  The grief of  the empty nest syndrome was much worse than I thought it was going to be.  Even though there were two younger ones at home, I felt like I was abandoned.  It was extremely hard and I really did not know how much I would miss him.  
During one of my conversations with him, he told me not to worry because I taught him well.  I started laughing and told him that I did not worry because if you are doing something wrong, someone will call me.  I am grateful too because at 21-years-old, he is responsible and is in a committed relationship with a beautiful young lady, Claire.  I am appreciative of all the times that he just shows up to say hello or when he just calls to see how I am doing.  It has been a long road letting go but who is to know when you are ready to cut the apron strings.  Even when you do cut the apron strings they dangle and remind you of the memories created.
However,  I still have two at home.  Anissa, who is twelve years old and Amir, who is ten years old and has a birthday in July.  Anissa is a tween.  I wish I had a manual for each different emotion.  I wish that I knew how to discuss every issue with her that is presented to me.  I am happy that I have friends who have daughters that I can talk to.   When I was growing up things were so different.  I can least tell her that I understand what it feels like to be misunderstood because I thought I knew everything as a tween.  I was horrid.  I apologize to my mother and hope that the old adage that you get what you gave your parents is not true.  
Amir is my introvert, who just started talking to everyone.  Introverts need to be loved in the space that they are in and not forced to be like other children.  He is finally coming into his own and I am so happy. 
What I have learned is that you just need to let things go and keep it moving.  The longer that you wallow in sadness, the longer you will be there.  It is a simple process.  We also allow others to dictate what we want through manipulation.  You know exactly what is right for you, start standing up for yourself.  There will be people who support you and if they do not, find people who will.  We need people on our team who are there to make us and others smile when you are successful and uplift you when you are not.  
As I have gotten older, I am really growing myself and realizing what is good for the newspaper and what is not. We continually go with the flow.  
An anniversary for The New Citizens Press just passed and it has been a very interesting year.  I need to continue to focus on what is important, which is my readers and advertisers.  I need to continually support people who support us, like Rick Garcia, Olivia Bermudez and Natcho Bermudez.  They have truly been there for us.  Other establishments like the Creole Gallery continue to support us and have been since February 2002, when we started.  We thank our faithful subscribers like Carrie Owens and Ian Davis who have been with us since our second year.
Our faithful readers, both Frank Risper and I are truly thankful for each person or place that has impacted the paper.
Love People,
Rina Risper
P.S.  You can find us on Linkedin, Twitter and facebook.  Social media has been very interesting for us.  I try to get to know each person and have now made it my business to meet a new facebook friend each month.  I hope you have been feeling spectacular.
This was printed in the June 30, 2013 – July 13, 2013 Edition