Excuse me, are you listening? 16-8

Dear Readers,

I am looking forward to the day that I can take all of my winter clothes to the cleaners before I store them.  I will also take my winter boots and shoes to the shoemaker.
I learned a valuable lesson about winter boots when I did not inspect them one year.  It was late September and I had an appointment and I was in a rush.  The heel was worn to the metal, however, I did not know until I arrived at my destination.
Every step I took on the linoleum floor sounded like the fast clicking footsteps in a horror movie.  I walk pretty fast too and the floor was slippery and hard.  I was mortified because the clicking noises seemed to drown out the conversation I was having.  After that, I check all winter heels before I put them into storage.  It is easier to have things in order beforehand.
I have to remember that I live in Michigan and it might possibly snow in September.  This year after a fairly mild winter, it snowed in April.  It was quite the sight.  I do not think people really knew what to do, even though crazy weather is a commonplace.
I wish that I did have a closet that was big enough to fit all of my clothes in it but I don’t.   I just have tiny old closets.  People who lived during the early 1900’s  must not have had a lot of clothing.
There are some of us who just like older houses so we just make due.  I love older houses and the character that they have.  The beautiful woodwork and architecture is something that I wish automatically came in newer houses but it would be a more expensive build.
In a newer house, you do not have to deal with drafts because inevitably there will be one if your house has been settling for over 100 years.  The one pane windows that needed to be replaced are mostly custom made sizes because there wasn’t uniform window sizes back then.  Before my windows were replaced they would rattle even when a car drove by.  
There are just some amenities that you have to give up in order to be happy.   Even when things do not go according to plan or when tasks seem daunting, make a list in the order of ease and importance. 
Remember that you do not need to complete your list, you just need to start it.  Once you start, it will be difficult not to finish.  The most challenging part for me is when the organizing is done there is still work to be done outside. 
It is going to be warm outside soon, so prepare for organizing, repairing and remodeling.  Preparation will  simplify your life.
Love people,
Rina Risper
Printed in the April 30, 2017- May 13, 2017 edition