Excuse me, are you Listening?

Dear Readers,

This edition starts the 20th year that we have been publishing.  A lot of things have changed over the years.  We are pleased that even during the pandemic, we are staying busy and informing you of what is going on in real time on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tncp.net. We also have an Instagram page at tncp_517.

Check out our new headmast.  I want to thank Staci Garcia Nagel for the guidance.  We are happy that she is in our sphere of influence.  We would also like to thank our graphic designer, Sandy Bombassei.  She created both the masthead and the logo that has not been revealed yet.

We posted 5 possible versions.    If you were a part of choosing the masthead, we thank you. There were almost 300 responses.

Interestingly enough, when you post on social media there is always one or two people who will take liberties and make comments.  Some comments are good, like the one who said to make sure the masthead is American Disabilities Act of 1990 compliant.  Great advice!

There was a teacher who took issue with “The New Citizens Press” not having an apostrophe.  I thought there may be others who were wondering as well why there isn’t one.

This is what I wrote in response to her:  “I appreciate thoughtful inquiry, especially as it relates to the use of an apostrophe (or not) in the title of my newspaper. In business, it is the owner’s prerogative to choose a name or title that expresses *their vision. Think about a farmers market or celebrating Veterans Day (note no apostrophes)! The New Citizens Press does not include an apostrophe because the newspaper does not belong to the citizens, it honors our citizens – “News for, about and by people.” If something irks you about a post, consider messaging the person and inquire rather than becoming snarky or trying to embarrassing that person. #lovepeople #maskup #besafe #celebrating20years

I wanted to also add the Starbucks, Folgers and Mrs. Fields Cookies are doing just fine without adding an apostrophe.

We can’t wait to bring you news and information that you may not receive anywhere else.

Have an amazing day and remember to be easy on yourself and others,mask up and stay safe.

Rina Risper