Excuse Me, Are you Listening? 8-19

Dear Readers,

It has been an amazing October already.  It is cold outside and we are going to be gearing up for winter.

If you are aware that you may be unable to keep up with your utilities bill, please contact your gas provider now.  They may be able to set you up on a plan so that you will be able to have affordable payments.

On page 6 of this edition, there is an article about what you can do to weatherize your home.  Some of you may not own homes and may be able to use some of the information to prepare you for the winter.  I would suggest that you pass this important information on to family and friends.  For those who do have homes, I would implore you to start winterizing your home now in preparation of the really cold days ahead.

On Monday, October 5, 2009, I volunteered at Steve’s Snack Shop located inside the Captial Area Transportation Authority (C.A.T.A.).  I heard that the owner was sick and thought that they could use an extra hand.  From 11:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., I cleaned and scrubbed counters, sinks and coffee machines.  It was an amazing experience.  I met a lot of people who came to the counter.  I wasn’t there campaigning, I spent most of my time helping the young lady who works there and lending a helping hand.  It is important that we get people who can volunteer to do so.  If you are sitting at home, lend a hand to a neighbor who is in need of help.  I went with my yellow rubber gloves and proceeded to work.  We have to get people back to work even if it means just working for experience.

School has started too and I wanted to remind you to do your best to remain healthy.  Wash your hands frequently and when you are ill, please stay home.

The campaign trail has been so interesting thus far.  When I am asked about situations that happened on City Council, like the parking ramp situation, I find it difficult to answer.  I was not privy to all of the decision making that went into the parking ramp. 

From what I have been told by others, the ramp can be repaired and also there was an opportunity to sell the ramp at a better price.

My question is why are we still talking about selling the ramp when we should be doing something about it.  The City should be looking at ways to bring people to the ramp since it is still property that belongs to it.

Many times I have said that we have Thomas M. Cooley Law School students that we are not actively marketing to.  Even though the parking structure is several blocks away, the parking structure is still a viable option for them.  We can be proactive or we can talk about the same issues that haunt the city’s ability to be productive.

I always speak about fresh and innovative ideas.  If I am chosen by you to represent you, I must consider how decisions that I make will affect the entire city.

I am a huge supporter of downtown.  I live in the Old Forest neighborhood and it is next the the Walnut Neighborhood.  I support both because I do not see boundary lines.  I see a community that needs someone to work on issues that impact both.

I am also very interested in bringing more music and culture into Lansing. 

I recently went to an event at Pattengill Middle School.  If you have not visited the school, I suggest that you do.  It is beautiful and most of the parents that I know, appreciate the administration and their children like the school.  However, Bishop Neal Roberson put on an event there and present were so many gospel groups.  It was indeed an electrifying night of great gospel music, fellowship and fun.

Bishop Roberson’s special guest that night was mayoral candidate, Carol Wood.  He gave a riveting speech about the movement of this city.  It was not the normal speech that you hear every day.  It was the kind of speech that stirred you to the core of your being.  The attendees were clapping and out of their chairs when he made pivotal comments about moving the city forward.

The election on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 will be important for those who feel that they don’t have a voice.  Tell at least 10 people about the election.  Set you alarm clocks and send out your text messages.  It is time for  a change on a local level.


Rina Risper

Remember to vote on Tuesday, November 3.