Excuse me, Are you Listening?: Hope and Faith

By Rina Risper
President & Publisher
Dear Readers,
There are plenty of things to experience in life.  You can be healthy and happy when you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.  People may have a very limited scope of what individuals should act like, move like, believe in or worship…  However, the reality is that we are different and deserve the opportunity to express ourselves.  As a journalist, I feel that I am often pulled into spaces, I do not necessarily agree on.
I recall when I friended a Facebook page of an individual who was running for office and I received a lecture regarding why I should not be supporting that person.  I thought first it is none of your business and secondly, I need to know what is going on in that person’s life.  Multiple times during the week people tell me about their experiences, grief, likes and dislikes with the political and justice system.  It was so exhausting.  
I am so mindful right now that I need to take time for “my moments” in life.  I think that my time is coming.  I would often read the New York Daily News newspaper when I was young and the first section I would read was the horoscope.  I was always interested in astrology.  It gave me an idea how everyone was going to act or at least I thought it did.  In my naïve mind, I thought that if I read them every day it would somehow always miraculously turn out that way.  As an adult I realize that horoscopes give you a general boost of HOPE and FAITH that the universe was looking out for your best interest.  
If that is one thing we have to hold on to, I will take it.
Love people
Rina Risper