Excuse me, Are you Listening? If you have a skill, offer to help with schooling.

Rina Risper, President & Publisher of The New Citizens Press

Dear Readers,

Most of our readers have been supporting for a long time.  I am so happy to announce that I have two children in college.
I can’t imagine working from home and having children partaking in online classes.  
It is interesting following friends who have children that have learning difficulties.  It seems as though they are really struggling even though they have a teacher.
A lot of parents have chosen to use online programs because they feel they are better equipped than those who are learning online from a public school that has not been online.
If you have a family member or a neighbor that is struggling with teaching their children, please help out where you can.  There are plenty of parents who struggled in school that cannot assist their children with languages, English or math.
Reach out and give or take help from those who are willing.  We can all get through these trying times together.
Stay safe.  Mask up.  Be kind.
Love people, 
Rina Risper
PS We have been publishing since February 2002 and we are looking for community writers!