NAME:    Tedi R. Parsons, CCC, CEC, CPC

The Professionals Forum LLC
POSITION:    President
What do you consider to be the start of a great day?  
A nice hot cup of coffee enjoyed during the quiet early morning hours.
How do you handle difficult clients or people in general?  
I always remember that everyone I meet comes into the discussion on a different path or journey.  I like to meet people where they are at!
If you could relate to an insect or animal what would it be and why?  
Probably a panda, as they are sensitive and caring.
If you could give a new  co-worker advice, what would that be? Give us an example.  
To step-back observe and always learn as much as you can.  Do not think you have all the answers.  Take advantage of others wisdom and past experiences. 
What gives you the most inner peace and why?  
My faith!  Being close to God allows me to connect with others with compassion and a better understanding of who they are and/or where they came from.
What is your favorite non-profit to give to and why?  
Any type of animal shelter or rescue.  Our pet kingdom has given us so much and we sometimes forget they are a gift we must look after.
What do you love most about your job?  
Being able to connect with others on a higher-level.  Through certified career coaching and the in-depth diversity trainings, I am able to help others discover something new about themselves.
What do you love most about your pets?  
Their unwavering love and support.  They really ask for nothing but getting the same in return.
Lastly, if you could make the world a better place for people how would you do it and what would that look like upon its completion? 
I would instill empathy and compassion in every breathing form of life.  We have lost our ability to connect with others on a human/personal level and my idea world would be one where there is NO judgement, hate, or war of any kind.  Picture a huge dinner party where everyone is welcomed to the table and we celebrate life and each-other.
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