Just Plain Selfish: Are You Self-Sabotaging?

By Kris Walker

Self sabotaging is simply put, as standing in the way of your own happiness, success or growth. While common practices such as procrastinating, over indulging behaviors, self- doubt and fear are often mentioned, in this digital era where we seemingly look towards the internet and Influencers for today's standards, I think that Social Media definitely deserves an honorable mention on our Self-Sabotaging list. Listed below are a few ways that overuse or misuse of Social Media can stand in the way of your greatness.
1. Comparison –  you are not them, so don’t compare any part of your journey to theirs. Remember most people only post their highlight reels, but everyone struggles with something.
2. Denial of Self – the internet will literally have you trying to create a version of  you that blends in with the masses, when in fact standing out is what gets you noticed, so show up everyday and bring your best version of you!
3. Too much social media & not enough social interaction – if Social Media isn’t helping to boost your mood, self-esteem or your money- log out! Find, connect and tune in with your tribe offline. Use Social Media as a tool to help you connect to people, places and things that you enjoy. 
Often people go through the day with their attention being pulled in so many directions.  As I mentioned earlier, Social Media has become a tool many people use to evaluate their personal achievements,  determine how they measure up against their peers and  to judge overall if they are current on the most favorable and socially acceptable standards. But don’t you fall into the  Social Media sabotaging trap. 
Throughout the day begin to evaluate what captures most of your attention. Whatever holds your attention holds your time. Without a doubt we know that time is an invaluable asset.  So, if  you find yourself often lost in a filtered online world created and curated by someone  else,  you could be Self-Sabotaging. 
Always keep at the forefront of your mind, that this life is yours and it is okay to be the main attraction. Work on your growth daily, reminding yourself that you are creating your own life story. 
Kris Walker is a native Detroiter and serial social entrepreneur. She is the mother of two children she proudly homeschools. Professionally she is a Life Coach and Mentor. Kris has a passion for writing and helping others find tools that will help then uncover their true selves.