Just Plain Selfish: The Audacity of Color

 By Kris Walker

Tough times have been said to reveal a person's true character. A person can paint a pretty picture of themselves using vivid or even pastel colors. Words, attire and demeanor make it easy to portray a perfectly polished image. The persona and posture however, must be able to be maintained and withstand the pressures of societal life. 
In our world today, everyone is focused on and consumed by what is important to them. In essence, we are all a bit selfish. Using your life for your own determined purpose can still be accomplished while being mindful of others. People whose job or primary focus is to help others can even become so caught up in the personal aspect of their mission that they fail to connect or relate with the people they are helping. Often addressing and working directly with the people is overlooked as a solution to a problem.
In a situation such as a pandemic, we are forced to slow down to evaluate the big picture affecting us all, and we find some common threads. When issues that require communication, tolerance, acceptance, and conflict resolution arise, we have all sensed or experienced an inability for many people, especially of different political parties, race or religions to connect with and respect one another's position in today's social climate.  
Divisions on  topics such as politics, racial discrimination, gender identification and religion have torn through families, friendships, workplace environments and our nation as a whole as many people have been misguided by a President, political system and elite society that has spoke of pretty pictures while painting an insulting depiction of a rainbow where browns and blacks are excluded and the blood of those with red skin bleeds through destroying the canvas and fabric of our nation. 
Daily, each of us has an opportunity and a choice to positively contribute to the picture being painted and the story being told about our true colors as individuals and as an Earth family. It is when no one is watching or when you are center stage. It is when you can speak up or remain silent. It is when you can stand up and fight for something other than yourself and or be unmoved. It is those situations that you will allow your true colors to shine. Your black, white, or brown voice, character and persona has a chance to lend to the beauty of our life's masterpiece in the making. Stand up, stand out and show your true colors.
Kris Walker is a native Detroiter and serial social entrepreneur. She is the mother of two children she proudly homeschools. Professionally she is a Life Coach and Mentor. Kris has a passion for writing and helping others find tools that will help then uncover their true selves.