News Spotlight: Black History Month- CADL Downtown Mid Day Movies

February 2                     Groundhog Day                       2:00 pm—3:45 pm
                                       (Bill Murray)  (PG)
February 7                     The Help                                  1:00 pm—3:25 pm
            (Jessica Chastain/Viola Davis)  (PG-13)
February 9                     The Help                                  1:00 pm—3:25 pm
         (Jessica Chastain/Viola Davis)  (PG-13)
February 14                    Lady Sings the Blues              1:00 pm—3:25 pm
                                       (Diana Ross/Billy Dee Williams)  (R)
February 16                    Glory                                       2:00 pm—4:00 pm
                                       (Denzel Washington/Matthew Broderick)  (R)
Roots…the 35th Anniversary of the Alex Haley miniseries
Mon February 20            Roots (Parts 1 & 2)                  1:00 pm—4:00 pm
Tues February 21           Roots (Part 3)                          2:00 pm—3:40 pm
Wed February 22            Roots (Part 4)                          2:00 pm—3:40 pm
Thurs February 23         Roots (Part 5)                          2:00 pm—3:40 pm
Fri February 24              Roots (Part 6)                          2:00 pm—3:30 pm
February 28                    Life In  A Day                         2:00 pm—3:35 pm
                                       (Footage uploaded by YouTube users)  (PG-13)
BIG SCREEN MOVIES in the Basement Auditorium!
Please be prepared to show identification for R rated films.
For mobility, visual, hearing, or other assistance, please call the library. 
Requests need to be made at least two weeks before a scheduled event.
 CADL Downtown Lansing
401 S. Capitol Ave.      (517) 367-6363