Self Care : Mental Matters

By Kris Walker

       Self-care is a trending topic, often promoted as the way to relieve stress and live your best life. Many people believing this continued state of calmness is found at the bottom of bubble baths, on girls trips, in man caves, or by acquiring luxury items. Other people  are convinced the correct path is physical exercise. 
While it's undeniable that those things can help you feel good in the moment, the calming effect that they produce is temporary. These activities don't help get to the root of any mental, physical or emotional disturbances. However the balance between mind and body can be achieved. 
When working with individuals on the path to self-realization, I like to start with the mind. How you perceive situations ultimately affect how you feel and respond to them. While you can not always control the situation, you can control your perception and thus effectively manage your reaction and emotions. 
In a recent conversation with an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry, she began to express a significant amount of stress and despair related to her view of other entrepreneurs, who began to, as she described, imitate her work. 
She went on to describe how as a professional, she felt disrespected and defeated when her creations were being copied and reproduced by new comers in the industry, with no acknowledgement to her influence. 
As she recalled the details she became visibly upset. These were all past situations that could no longer be changed, except in her mind!
I encouraged her to reframe the situations, transmuting those negative experiences and memories into lessons and tools that she could use in the future.  
She began to reflect on the challenges she faced in the beginning of her career. She was self taught, she never had a model or mentor to follow. 
Through gratitude she was able to recognize the growth potential before her. There was an opportunity to still be acknowledged.  There were people who wanted to have the skills to create like her. She was indeed an inspiration. So she allowed herself to find the lesson in the experience. 
By reaching out, networking and possibly even serving as a mentor or teacher to some of them, she could expand her brand, her knowledge of self and possibly earn some extra income.
For many people, you may find that you are the prototype as well. You may be the shining star leading the way to helping someone become a better version of themselves. With that in mind continue to be your authentic self, ultimately you are a gift, remember that, and thank you, if you are in a similar situation, for sharing yourself with the world.
Kris Walker is a native Detroiter and serial social entrepreneur. She is the mother of two children she proudly homeschools. Professionally she is a Life Coach and Mentor. Kris has a passion for writing and helping others find tools that will help then uncover their true selves.