Raising the B.A.R. (Black, Aspiring and Resilient) Entrepreneur

Raising The B.A.R

The New Citizens Press picks Greenwood Juicery as our favorite entrepreneur and business during our visit. Greenwood Juicery is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that provides fresh cold-pressed juice. It is so delicious.

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Adventures in Business Podcast -Episode 69 – Guest New Citizens Press, Rina Risper

Last month, Rina Risper, President, and Publisher of The New Citizens Press  was featured as a guest in podcast, Adventures in Business, Episode 69.  The New Citizens Press,

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Black Women in Creative Businesses: Doing What They Love

Melina Brann

Melina Brann (pictured above left) and Onylah Taggart (pictured below left), are two creative women who took a chance and found success.

Get some coffee and check out Brann’s show at the Blue Owl Coffee shop located at 1236 Turner Rd.,

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