Jill On Money: The housing market cools — Will prices follow?

Jill Schlesinger

By Jill Schlesinger

With inflation stubbornly high, the Federal Reserve is pumping the breaks on the economy by raising interest rates. The reasoning is when interest rates rise,

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Teen Shot During Attempted Robbery During Facebook Marketplace Sale

Mason Brown

Top Above: Mason Brown at Frances Park in Lansing, MI with his best friend and dog Buddy. The park is a beautiful space that features a picturesque rose garden, woodland trail,

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5 Practices To Build Sales Confidence

Meshell R Baker

Meshell R Baker, ShiftCo Co-Founder is one of the speakers that presented at Black Media Weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma during Juneteenth Weekend 2022.

By Meshell Baker

“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard,

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