What you need to know about monkeypox

Photo by RF Studio/Pexels

In this Black Headline World News Report, news producer, Julia Dudley Najieb, reviews the world, national and state governments declaring a public health emergency concerning the monkeypox virus spread.

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News Spotlight: Ingham County Announces First Probable Case of Monkeypox Virus

Know the symptoms of monkeypox and when to contact a healthcare professional.

CDC Photo


LANSING, MI. – The Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) has been notified by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that the first probable case of Monkeypox was identified in Ingham County.

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Anti-Mask-Cination Discrimination

Landis Lain

By Landis Lain

Most of us have watched the news and read articles about folks who are vaccination and mask mandates. One woman calls it an apartheid type vaccination system;

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