BHN Live: The BHN news team discusses the impact of the 2022 midterm election and the Black vote

BHN’s Carol Angela Davis and Julia Dudley Najieb report on the live election results and speak with Black News Link featured guests about the Iowa, Texas, Illinois and Georgia races


By Black Headline News

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Let’s explain why the elections are so important – from the Black press’s perspective

The upcoming 2022 Midterm elections seems to have candidates fighting on the playground in a sandbox, while the public watches in awe

Between the election ads broadcasting all day long on local TV,

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The TNCP Review (11-1-22) – My State Your State – Election Edition with Rina Risper and guest, Dana James

By TNCP Review

  In this episode of The TNCP Review – “My State, Your State” Election Edition, show host & publisher Rina Risper talks with Black Iowa News publisher,

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The New Citizens Press Review (pilot 2) highlights the election process and the gubernatorial race

Publisher Rina Risper reviews the Michigan election process along with a review of the gubernatorial candidates.


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BHN – Michigan General Election Review Epi. 2: Know the steps to register to vote and eligibility

Voting process


BHN news producer, Julia Dudley Najieb, discusses voting in the state of Michigan with guest, co-host, Rina Risper, publisher of The New Citizens Press.
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