Cuban defends title in his Armory‘second home’

David Morrell

By Charles Hallman

November 5 is David Morrell, Jr’s mother’s birthday.  He is also headlining this Saturday night’s fight card at the downtown Armory as he defends his WBA super middleweight title.

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Running Down a Dream

Ku Stevens makes a prayer offering and places orange flowers on a grave after running 50 miles through the Nevada desert to the Stewart Indian School Cemetery in Carson City,

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Fencing: The cost of competing can be prohibitive

Nolan Williams, Quinn Crum and Aahil Cunningham-Snelson are fencers.
Photo by Charles Hallman/Minnesota Spokesman Recorder

By Charles Hallman
Minnesota Spokesman Recorder

Over 4,500 fencers from around the country and some from as far as Japan visited Minneapolis for 10 days July 2-11.

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Interpersonal Edge: Dealing with denial about crisis

Dr. Daneen Skube

By Dr. Daneen Skube
Tribune Content Agency

Q: My job is crisis management within my company. I’m sick of people denying problems, getting run over by problems,

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Mary Sanchez: Remington might show the way to understanding a sliver of America’s gun violence

Mary Sanchez

By Mary Sanchez

Scroll the websites of the iconic gun and ammo brand Remington and clearly, the new campaign does not match recent headlines.

Mentions of muskets and the arming of soldiers for world war paint the picture of a grand company history dating back to 1816.

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