Teen Talk – Non-politician, Bob Robinson, Would Serve the State Best

By Zoey Robinson

Bob Robinson, one person who doesn’t like the look of our State. Just like numerous people that live here right? Wrong. When my dad was sick and tired of seeing the state our State was in, he stepped forward to do something. He is working hard to become a State Representative to help get this state out of the hole it’s in.

My dad works five days a week at his current job, and then he comes home at six and works on his campaign for the rest of the night. He works every weekend whether it is walking to put flyers on doors or making dozens of phone calls. He has walked about 98 miles only half way through his 100 mile “Walking for Jobs” and has passed out nearly 10,000 fliers. My dad works 24/7. He works hard so he can go to Lansing and work hard to turn the State around.

My dad’s campaign is different from most campaigns. First of all, he has clearly stated “I will not take lobby money. I will not take lunches, gifts, or trips from lobbyists.” He wants to serve the people of his district, not the lobbyists. He is taking donations from anyone who would like to help. He has a lot of volunteers that help with all kinds of jobs such as calling people, walking from door to door, planning events, walking in parades, and telling people to vote for him.

My dad cares about everyone in this State. He often says that the state’s economy needs to be rebuilt because when our generation of the State grows up to be leaders, the state will be a mess. He believes that the people of his generation should clean up the mess they made. He also wants to serve the average American. He wants the same things you do. He thinks up great ideas and is a great person.

Bob Robinson is my hero, my inspiration, and my dad. So many politicians tell him he can’t win because he has no political experience. In contrast, many people like you or me think that’s just what we need. My dad is a perfect example of a hero because he wants to help others for the good of helping others. I love my dad and I believe he can do anything because he will never give up on something he wants.
Zoey Robinson is the daughter of Bob Robinson a candidate for the office of State Representative of Eaton County, District 71.  She is 13-years-old and lives with her family in Vermontville, Michigan.  For information, go to www.district71.com