Teen Talk: Nu Poet Collective “Changes”


                                               by Aseel Machi
We try so hard
To avoid these changes
In our
We dont know what will come of them
& that seems to scare us the most
We are afraid of strife
Afraid of disagreement
with our normal activities
We are afraid of our
Afraid of things turning sour
Afraid to let go
of what has come
and what we love
Afraid to forget
We find new memories
a Threat
to the old ones that replay in our heads
We catch ourselves holding on
Prohibiting change
Only chaining our hands
to the Past
& we swear
that it all happened so fast
Do we dare
hold on to what we had,
or open our eyes to something new?
Aseel Machi is a freshman at Michigan State University majoring in English.  She is hoping to be an English high school teacher.