Teen Talk: Teen Pregnancy


By Kasserine Tyler-Hicks
The other night I was wat
ching a movie on Lifetime called The Pregnancy Pact. This movie was about a group of girls at a high school who made a pact to get pregnant. In one school, there were eighteen girls pregnant at the same time, all under the age of 18. As I was watching this movie thinking of how crazy that was, I thought about how many pregnant teens there are at my school (Eastern High School).  These days it’s common to see a teenage girl in high school pregnant, when years ago it was a huge deal. I’m one of the lucky ones because I have my mom to talk to me about situations like that and to keep me focused. But some are not as fortunate. Someone needs
be talking to us teens and doing something more to prevent these things.
Two of my close friends are pregnant. I am not talking down on them or any other teen parents. It just needs to be known that raising a child is hard and that’s something one is not ready to go through when technically one is still a child themselves. My mother had me at 17 years old. I saw how much she had to give up for me and also how much she struggled and how hard it was for her.  I don’t believe that a teenager is fit to go through all the stress in having a baby.  
As far as I am concerned, getting pregnant in high school is definitely not a good idea. Parents, teach your kids that sex can wait. And to the teenagers, if you do have sex, practice safe sex. Birth control and condoms are a must.
Kasserine Tyler-Hicks is 15 years-old and she is a  sophomore at Eastern High School.

This article was printed in the November 7, 2010 – November 20, 2010